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Hey, with v0.1 released now, let's collect some ideas for new rides that could make the game more fun to play.

I'll try and make some suggestions in the next days.

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In order to make the game more interesting quickly, I'd propose to start with rides that are "static" (i.e. not moving like a coaster, but more like the ship swing).

My first proposal would be a carousel: It is simple in respect of attraction and probably cheap.
Development is probably not that cheap, because joined people would have to be mapped to the rotation I think …

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A couple of words regarding graphics development:

  • A fixed ride (gentle/thrill/shop) is much easier to design than a coaster, because a coaster needs a huge number of pieces with different shapes, whereas a fixed ride only has a main image and optionally working, starting, stopping animations.
  • The current graphics system for fixed rides is developer-hostile. (I may say it like this because I implemented it 😉️ ). Every coordinate needs to be rendered separately, and the correct splitting and assembling is more time-consuming than actually modelling the ride. In principle it should be possible to use single-image graphics but I haven't figured out yet how exactly to write the ride descriptor then.
  • For a carousel, see here – I didn't check if this fits with the current graphics system though.
  • Displaying guests on fixed rides (like we do on coasters) is not implemented yet. It is true that rendering the guest graphics for large-capacity rides is much more effort than for the coaster with its 4 guests.
  • All tracked rides are currently coasters, tracked gentle/thrill rides and transport rides are not implemented yet.

Here's a few more fixed rides that should probably be comparatively easy to design:

- Chairswing
- Twister
- Top Spin

- Spiral Slide
- Ferris Wheel
- Bumper Cars

Shops (IIRC the C++ back-ends for these types already exist):
- First Aid
- Information Kiosk

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I also had bumper cars in mind.

Some more ideas I'll throw in (but I leave priorization to those who know how to implement this and what's already there):

E.g. start with a minimum 2x3 tile base, but if you hover over a tile next to an existing maze, it will be extended with only one tile, allowing basically any free form.
The interest of the maze is calculated by the shape (simple mazes get boring soon), but too complex bases frustrate people and they tend not to finish it but get unhappy.
Maybe the calculation could also take changes to the maze into account (mazes that are occasionally changed gain more interest than a maze that was never touched).

A rather simple attraction could be an arcade hall, you don't see what happens inside 😁️

Maybe also lottery stands, either as separate types or grouped under one item and alternating on placement (gun throwing, duck fishing, archery etc)
Here you could let the user configure the participation fee as well as the chance for costly prices (and the maximum price). They'll have to find a good balance between still earning money, but keeping the guests interested in the prices.

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Some ideas I have in mind:

  • watch tower (maybe for the first implementation with fixed height)
  • trampoline or indoor trampoline
  • haunted castle - didn't notice its already there
  • cinema
  • children playground ( different sizes or single play equipments, like swings, slides, etc., to extend the playground area )
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  • Log flume/ride
  • Gravitron/Centrifuge
  • Slingshot/Reverse bungee
  • Go-karts
  • Balloons (from shop and/or entertainer)
  • Ferry (piers as entrance/exit)
  • RC boats (within designated area that blocks ferry)
  • Tower viewer

Carnauba wrote:
- children playground ( different sizes or single play equipments, like swings, slides, etc., to extend the playground area )

Setting limits for age, height or bodyweight on certain rides would complicate things quite a bit, if that's what you mean.